All ready for a vacation in island country Maldives? Well visiting new countries and places always is an enriching experience as you learn a lot about the culture, the behaviour, the mannerism and lot much about the place and people there. And knowing few things about the country helps a lot like How Much to Tip in The Maldives?, Do you tip in Maldives with all inclusive package? Or How much do you tip a butler in the Maldives?

These small concerns go differently at different places, though we know tipping these days is not a mandatory thing to do because already we are bearing 10% service tax on our bills as service charge but still if you wish to tip in Maldives, herein this section we are coming up with Tipping Advice in the Maldives coming from experienced Maldives travel experts.

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Tipping Advice in the Maldives

As we quoted earlier also, tipping is not compulsory in Maldives reasons being the compulsory service charge that we are already bearing for service. The travel destination is pretty pepped up with their arrangements and hospitality and are not going to make any perception about you if you tip or not.

But yet tips do are like an extra income to them too, so if you are feeling like appreciating certain service or hospitality, the best way is to tip but how much to tip and where? Let’s see in the coming headings.

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Tipping for Resort and Hotel Hidden Staff

How much do you tip housekeeping in Maldives? Or the other unseen staff like butler, housekeepers or other such staff who may or may not get to interact with the guests directly much, for those you can keep few dollars handy with you and pay at the end of your stay like you may tip $10-20 per week. You can also choose to tip on daily basis like giving a tip of 1-2 dollar per day also, it’s totally your personal choice.

Tipping in Restaurants

The general trend for tips in restaurants is to round off the total value of the bill by leaving the coins or change. As you are already paying 10% for service charge there is no obligation on you to do so but yes you do like the service of some particular staff and compliment them for their enjoyable services, then you may leave a tip of small cash amount for them.

Similarly if you are paying by credit cards, you can pay the waiter who is serving you some small cash amount separately. a general tip is to pay the tip keeping in amount of your total bill also, you may pay 5 to 10 percent of the value of the bill for a hefty bill or any amount that you think is right for small bill amounts.

Tipping in Resorts and Hotels

Tipping at resorts with regular tariff plans or at all-inclusive resorts in Maldives is totally your call.  If you have stayed for a while at a resort and have really enjoyed their services and specially the hospitality of the staff you may pay a tip of 2 dollar for a day to the room staff for their services as a gesture of appreciation.

Tipping for Transport

It becomes a little tricky when it comes to tipping for transport in Maldives as unlike any other holiday destination  there are no private taxi or cab services. The island country is 99% surrounded by water and thus traveling through different atolls is taken care of either by boat or a private seaplane which are operated by private or state run operations.

The cost you are paying for your transfer is surely good enough to pay any extra tip, so you need not bother tipping here. But yes you may consider tipping for a private ride or any such transfer that has actually touched your heart and has given you real good time by a tip of 5 dollar to 10 dollar.

The official  currency used in Maldives is Maldivian currency – Rufiyaa (MVR) but for tipping you can also use dollars, the currency is equally appreciated as tips here.

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