Idyllic holiday experiences in beautiful ocean surroundings are surely something that can make us crave for almost every time we think and visualize about a vacation. Taking care of most our holiday temptations, Maldives is certainly one of the most admired choices of holiday destination. And if this lovely island country has already topped your list of coming holiday destination, then you must understand a few essential things that you need to take care while packing your stuff for the beautiful holiday.

As the transfer through flight and seaplane do come with limited baggage allowance, so it’s totally a good idea to carry stuff that actually is suitable for wearing for different occasions, weather conditions and places without disrespecting the local customs.  Read in this article- What to Wear at Resort Islands in the Maldives or Dress Code for Resort Islands in Maldives.

What should you wear on an island
What should you wear on an island

Dress Code for Resort Islands in Maldives

Keeping in view the humid weather conditions and temperature of the place which usually stays around 25ºC (77ºF), anything casual in cotton and linen is suitable. The most acceptable dress code is smart casuals when you are in Male Capital or around inhabited areas.

The country being a Muslim country is also has few restrictions when it comes to wear revealing clothes, you may enjoy your choice of stuff in secluded island resorts.

During the Sun Hours

During sun hours, the suitable clothing for women is smart casuals shorts, t-shirts, long flowing dresses, sarongs, skirts or trousers. Two piece swim suits are acceptable for women for excursions but before entering the restaurants or crowded places you need to cover yourself.

For men also smart casual t-shirts, shirts along with shorts, three fourth Capris are well suitable. Basically anything trendy and comfortable but not too revealing is well accepted in Maldives for tourists. Don’t forget to carry your sunscreens and hats while going out in sun.

What to wear in the Maldives
What to wear in the Maldives

After Sunset

After sunset, the dress code is again relaxed casuals. For men casual shorts, t-shirts, lightweight pants button-down shirts is suitable. For women again smart casual shorts, tops, summer dresses, skirts are suitable keeping in mind the weather and personal choice.

For footwear you can carry flip flops or may be some rubber shoe for sports and excursions( depending on the need of the activity). The cool holiday destination is surely a place to be for a relaxing holiday without worrying about what to wear and what others are wearing. Even at nightclubs also you will find people wearing the same casual stuff, so get set going with all the cool and smart trendy stuff you have.

What to wear in the Maldives
What to wear in the Maldives

What not to wear

The country does have some restrictions regarding revealing stuff or nudity, and the act is punishable under law so wearing bikinis in public areas, restaurants are prohibited. Also when you are around Male Capital, you will find most of the females dressed up in Burqa’s, but as per the rule covering your shoulder and thighs is enough for female tourists.

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