Udaipur, in Rajasthan – one of the princely states of India, is very famous for its stunning location and mind-blowing culture. Alike the western world, New Year celebrations in Udaipur has its own charm and glory. Taj Lake Palace Udaipur New Years Eve 2023 seems like a never-ending list of celebration.

The traditional dancers, musicians, stunning magicians and breath-taking acrobats fill up every second of your celebration time. There are flying lanterns all around during this Eve. The view becomes enigmatic and hence this place is the most visited place to celebrate New Year.

Taj Lake Palace Udaipur
Taj Lake Palace Udaipur

Best New Year’s Eve Gala Dinner

The Taj Lake Palace Udaipur New Years Eve Gala Dinner 2022-2023 offers the best choice of meals for 2023. Enjoy the mouth-watering Indian dishes, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, with your family or friends.

The platter is full of different taste so you can save the best for the last. Desserts or sweets will drive kids crazy! The taste of the food is worth every penny spent and hence you don’t feel you’ve been charged heavily for it. You can also try European cuisines in the rooftop restaurant called Bhairo.

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Taj Lake Palace Udaipur
Taj Lake Palace Udaipur

Amazing New Year’s Eve Party

Taj is loaded with events for New Year’s Eve. The list includes some stunning dance performances where the dancers wear the most attractive traditional outfits. Don’t be startled if they pull you on the dance floor and ask you to imitate them – it’s tradition!

Taj Lake Palace Udaipur New Years Eve 2023 does surprise you with its magical shows. This place tries its best to accommodate every member of your family for the event. Tourists normally shop for New Year gifts from the shopping arcade to exchange later in the evening.

Inside Guest Room at Taj Lake Palace Udaipur
Inside Guest Room at Taj Lake Palace Udaipur

Best View and Amazing Celebration

Taj Lake Palace Udaipur New Years Eve Party 2022-2023 offers guided heritage walks within the palace to know its history and explore the beautiful palatial rooms. You can also celebrate your time by participating in some astrology sessions. There are cultural shows that will keep you charged throughout the evening.

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Each room of this lake palace gives you an ecstatic garden or lake view. The entire setting gives you a fairy tale feeling and the place becomes full of romance during the festive season. Feel royal while taking a glimpse of the palace where the sheets and curtains are made of silk.

Explore various restaurants offering varieties of food satiating your taste buds to the core.

Restaurant at Taj Lake Palace Udaipur
Restaurant at Taj Lake Palace Udaipur

Note: Please contact the respective party venue before making any plans.

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