Holidays are like energy boosters for life. These little energy boosters (now why we say little, as we all believe good things and moments seems to end soon ) fill up all the contentment level and prep us to work hard again to get them again. So if you are also looking for an energy booster for your next vacation in Maldives, then we at Your Islands Guide are here to help you select one in the name of Veligandu Island Resort and Spa.

How to Get to Veligandu Island Resort and Spa? Veligandu Island Resort and Spa located in Veligandu Island, Maldives in the heart of Indian Ocean and is at distance of approximately 59 km from Male International Airport. The luxurious resort offers incredible accommodations where you can enjoy a luxurious and romantic stay with your special ones.

Veligandu Island Resort and Spa
Veligandu Island Resort and Spa

How to Reach Veligandu Island Resort and Spa

Veligandu Island Resort and Spa  is about 25 minutes away from Male International Airport via Seaplane transfers.  Let’s take a look at the related information here.

By Seaplane Transfer

The resort is easily accessible by Seaplane Flight from Male International Airport. You don’t have to worry about scheduling your flight as reservation team at the resort takes care of that. The total flight travel time is about 25 minutes. Transfers from Male International Airport to the resort are mandatory and chargeable at the following rates:

  • Adult: USD 330 per person for round trip
  • Child: USD 165 per child for round trip

If you like Veligandu Island Resort and Spa and want spend your holiday at this beautiful place with loved one, then book now overwater bungalow or villa at Veligandu Island Resort at affordable rates from this recommended website.

Veligandu Island Resort and Spa
Veligandu Island Resort and Spa

The Seaplane Flights in Maldives operates during Standard Transfer Times (06:00 till 15:00 hours), so you need to reach Male International Airport prior to the last flight schedule. Do share your flight schedules (arrival and departure) from and to Male International Airport to your home country with your resort in three days minimum advance so that appropriate arrangements could be made.

Veligandu Island Resort and Spa
Veligandu Island Resort and Spa

Along with your stay you can also enjoy a range of activities like water sports, kayaking, wind surfing, catamaran sailing trips, exploring the rich coral and marine life and not to forget beach fun. Also, the resort features excellent spa facilities. Now what else you ask for in a good holiday- thrilling adventures, luxuries, delicious food, breath taking locales, rejuvenation doesn’t that sound like a perfect holiday. Well indeed it is!

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