Best Beaches in Diu: Visit These 5 Beautiful Beaches During Your Holiday

Nagoa Beach Diu

Diu, in India, is located near the Gulf of Khambhat very close to Gujarat.  It is becoming the most favorite destination for tourists since the inauguration of Festa De Diu, Asia’s longest beach festival. There are must visit beaches in Diu as they still lie secluded and unexplored.

Diu has a blend of Portuguese culture, traditions, history and customs to add to your experience. This place also has the best forts to explore.

Seclusion with comfort, tranquility in the arms of nature, not so risky adventures, family bonding, exploring romance with your special one, satiating your taste buds with exclusive meals, and uplifting your spirituality are some of the prime features of the beaches in Diu.

Book some of these very famous beaches in Diu, Gujarat in your list for your next visit:

1. Jallandhar Beach

Jallandhar stands as one of the best beaches in Diu. Mythology speaks of Lord Krishna, who killed a demon called Jallandhar here and this is how this place gets its name. If you really want to enjoy solitude in rustic surroundings, this is where you need to be. Be a spectator to a stone carving of a face up on a hillock.

This beach shares a good piece from the original folklore of Lord Krishna and is hence gaining prominence as the most pious place to be in. Considering the divinity all around, this place is the most beautiful beach in Diu.

Jallandhar Beach Diu
Jallandhar Beach Diu

2. Ghoghla Beach

This is one of the best beaches to visit in Diu due to its clean brown sand pulling more and more tourists throughout the year. If you an adventure-seeker, you can explore sea surfing and parasailing here.

Savor some extravagant vegetarian Indian meals and seafood to make your experience worth it. And yes, if you are extremely fortunate, you can also experience Dolphins approaching the shore. The kids get overwhelmed viewing this!

Ghoghla Beach Diu
Ghoghla Beach Diu

3. Chakratirth Beach

Where most of the beaches in India are considered highly polluted, Chakratirth is considered to be one among the best beaches in Diu due to its cleanest appearance. The history of the name of this beach is an extension of the folkore of Jallandhar beach. They say Lord Krishna killed a demon with his Chakra.

Don’t forget to visit a temple with Lord Krishna’s footprints carved in it. Alike Jallandhar, this place is auspicious too for the people staying around. You can also spend a good deal of solitude time on Bhanslo (a hillock) during low tides.

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Chakratirth Beach Diu
Chakratirth Beach Diu

4. Gomtimata Beach

The access to Gomtimata Beach is quick and easy from any place across Diu. It is becoming one of the best beaches to visit in Diu due to its crown pulling cleanliness and solitary nature. It is also the most beautiful beach in Diu. The clean blue waters will pull you in to get soothed by taking a quick dive.

The kids make sandcastles and play varieties of outdoor games such as volleyball, badminton, etc. The beach looks quite happening (not over-crowded) with friendly people all around throughout the year.

Gomtimata Beach Diu
Gomtimata Beach Diu

5. Nagoa Beach

Nagoa is one of the most beautiful beaches in Diu. It also stands among the best beaches in Diu. It covers a wide range of resorts and hotels to relax in at comfortable prices. You can savor the best Gujarati and Portuguese meals in the local restaurants.

It is also home to Hoka, a very unique palm tree species brought to India by the Portuguese. Animal and adventure lovers can enjoy a beach side horse ride. Peace lovers can sustain Yoga activities. Dive in the clean blue waters for an ecstatic rejuvenation.

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Nagoa Beach Diu
Nagoa Beach Diu

Article Title: Best Beaches in Diu: Visit These 5 Beautiful Beaches During Your Holiday
Article first published on September 15, 2019.

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