8 Beautiful Islands Near Singapore For A Quick Weekend Escape

Bintan Island

Singapore, no matter how small it is, is loaded with some mind blowing holiday destinations and vacation activities. For a kid to an adult, these destinations have an extensive range of activities to explore. The beautiful islands near Singapore will boost your plan for an adventurous and yet comfortable holiday.

Escaping from the daily hectic schedule of life has become a necessity in today’s fast-paced world and hence a quick weekend escape is always a better idea. You have a lot of scope to choose from as Singapore is surrounded by beautiful islands.

Let’s quickly browse through some nearest islands from Singapore for weekend escape:

1. Sugi Island

An island in the open arms of nature has the power to keep you attracted to it throughout your stay. Just 50 kilometers away from the mainland Singapore, this place gives you total isolation in its rustic surroundings. Take a ferry service from Harbourfront Center in Singapore to Sekupang Ferry Terminal in Batam.

Tourists stay at the Telunas Beach Resort to enjoy the over water villa experience and the authentic taste of seafood.

Sugi Island
Sugi Island

2. Pulao Pangkil

All surrounded by water, this island is loved by adventure-seeking people. From a long day stretch under the sun on a beach to sea diving and sailing, the island offers a wide range of water activities. Revitalize yourself with a beautiful massage therapy soothing your body and soul.

This is one of the best romantic islands from Singapore. You’ll need to first reach Pama Jetty from Bandar Bintan Telani on a ferry and then from Pama to Pangkil.

Pulao Pangkil
Pulao Pangkil

3. Bintan Island

Bintan is one of the top beach islands from Singapore that can be reached on a ferry from the Harbourfront Center in Singapore or Tanah Merah. The island is full of activities including scuba diving, trekking, sight-seeing, sailing, surfing and golf.

And yes, you can simply laze around on a beach in case you not in a mood for any adventure. The island has the most beautiful resorts with the most stunning oceanic views and international standard of services to offer.

Bintan Island
Bintan Island

4. Tioman Island

This island is one of the most beautiful islands near Singapore to visit. All surrounded by lush rainforests, the place also has some ecstatic corals and dive zones. There are activities for all groups and beautiful resorts too in case you want to do an overnight stay. Savor different types of fish served on a finely garnished plate.

You can reach this place in a ferry from Tanjung Gemok Jetty.

Tioman Island
Tioman Island

5. Saint John’s Island

Portraying the most spectacular landscape views, St. John stands among the best weekend getaways from Singapore for nature lovers. It has the best lagoons around Singapore. Meet the enigmatic sea world once you get into the waters.

This place offers the best sunset view and hence a silent walk on a beach fills up the romantic side of you. You can visit this place in a ferry from World Trade Center or Marina South Pier.

Saint John's Island
Saint John’s Island

6. Lazarus Island

Lazarus is one of the nearest islands from Singapore for weekend escape. This place offers not only the most beautiful beaches for sea nomads but also the best tropical forest range for trekking. Tourists normally laze around the day on white sands feeling the warm breeze kissing their cheeks.

Just like how you reach the other islands; you can reach this stunning place too by a ferry.

Lazarus Island
Lazarus Island

7. Karimun Island

The crystal blue waters of Karimun Island and the jaw-dropping picturesque make it one of the most beautiful islands near Singapore. There are local markets in case you are a shopping freak or would like to buy a memento as a remembrance. Dine in the local restaurants some very famous sea cuisines.

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Don’t forget to try the sumptuous seafood once you reach this place by a ferry from Harbourfront Center to Tanjung Balai.

Karimun Island
Karimun Island

8. Nikoi Island

The most stunning landscapes, clear blue skies, crystalline waters and white sandy beaches make this place a favorite spot for most of the families and couples. Its seclusion from the outside world and hidden adventure are its special features. You can rejuvenate yourself in the most comfortable hut-shaped beachside villas.

Drop in to a ferry from Tanah Merah Terminal to reach this beautiful spot.

Nikoi Island
Nikoi Island

Article first published on January 9, 2020.

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