Booked a stay at Filitheyo Island Resort and stuck with thoughts like How to Get to Filitheyo Island Resort and How much to carry to avoid extra expenses? Our site ‘yourislandsguide‘ is all you need to visit in whenever it is about transfers and resorts. Let’s read here.

Located at a distance of approximately 118 km from Male International Airport, Filitheyo Island Resort can be reached by a scenic Seaplane flight. You can get in touch with the resort for transfer arrangements. Read further in our coming paragraphs all about the transfer modes, their charges and other related info like Baggage Instruction and allowance etc.

Filitheyo Island Resort
Filitheyo Island Resort, Photo Credit: Filitheyo Island Resort

How to Reach Filitheyo Island Resort

The luxury is accessible by a Seaplane Flight followed by a boat transfer.

By Seaplane Transfer

After reaching Male International Airport , you need to take a Seaplane flight which is available from Seaplane Terminal at Male. The travel time by Seaplane flight is about 35 minutes from Male International Airport. After your Seaplane flight another 15 minutes ride in the traditional Dhoni (traditional boat) to finally reach the luxury.

Transfer charges for Round trip are (Till 31 Oct 2020):

  • Adult: USD 440 per adult, inclusive of all taxes
  • Child: USD 264 per child, inclusive of all taxes

Seaplane Flight Standard Transfer Time: 7.00 am to 3.30 pm.

Arrivals after the given time slots are not available for same day, so you need to book for an overnight stay near Male at your own cost. Do send in your arrival and departure flight details directly to the resort at least 7 days prior to arrival.

Free Luggage Allowance:
Check in baggage – 20 kg per passenger.
Hand luggage – 5 kg per passenger.

Necessary Baggage Instructions: Total permissible weight for single piece of luggage should not exceed 32 kg. Any luggage weighing more than 32 kg of weight will need repacking at Check-in so avoid that.

Overweight luggage will be charged as per TMA policy at charges USD 5 per kg for return trip. Same flight luggage transfer is not guaranteed; the luggage will be transferred by the first available flight if not transferred in the same flight.

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Activities at Resort

Let’s take a look at the activities and arrangements that the resort offers.

  • Themed dinner nights
  • Local Tours and excursions
  • Beach Access
  • Evening entertainment
  • Water sport facilities
  • Snorkelling, Fishing
  • Windsurfing, Diving
  • Canoeing, Library
  • Table tennis, Billiards Room, Darts

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