Mirihi Island presents to you a variety of marine life to explore. What could be more fun than lying on a white sand beach at night and watching the star-studded sky! Adventure seekers can hold their breath for whale shark floating next to them while doing the snorkeling.

The beautiful coral reefs astonish you to dive more for further exploration. How to Reach Mirihi Island Resort Mandhoo? Mirihi is 85 kilometers away from Male International airport. You can get to Mirihi Island from Male International airport using any one of the two transfer options – a seaplane ride directly from Male or a domestic flight plus a speedboat from domestic airport to the resort.

Mirihi Island Resort Mandhoo
Mirihi Island Resort Mandhoo

How to Get to Mirihi Island Resort Mandhoo

You will need to pre-book your transfer option at the time of room booking. You can reach one of the smallest resorts in Maldives using the following options:

By Domestic Flight + Speedboat Transfer

Once you get down at the Male International airport, you will be taking a 20-minute domestic flight to the nearby domestic airport. From here, you will be on a speedboat ride for about 30 to 35 minutes to reach the resort.

Following are the round trip charges including all the taxes:

Adults will pay around USD 437 per head and children will pay around USD 219 per head to reach this small property of adventure. Infants will receive a complimentary ride.

Mirihi Island Resort Mandhoo
Mirihi Island Resort Mandhoo

If you want to staying in an Overwater bungalows or villas at this place for holiday with your loved one, then please consider this portal for Overwater bungalow booking at affordable rates.

By Seaplane Transfer

It takes 30 minutes on a seaplane from Male International airport to reach this adventure-driven resort.

The round trip transfer charges inclusive of all the taxes are as under:

Adults will be charged around USD 527 per head and children are charged around USD 267.

Mirihi Island Resort Mandhoo
Mirihi Island Resort Mandhoo

Any of your transfer charges is not included in the room fare. It is extremely necessary that you pass your flight arrival and departure details to your resort at least 96 hours before your date of arrival.

Almost all the resorts accessible using seaplane services have certain luggage restrictions to strictly adhere to. It is highly recommended that you check these with your resort staff before you move out from your home country.

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